MR Devabhaktuni V S PRASAD, MS (USA)

Masters in Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA. Conceptualize the company vision, ensure top management perceives it appropriately and Percolates it to next levels to attain the targeted objectives;
Business strategy and new business options.

With a Masters in Engineering from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA and a highly decorated multinational corporate work experience with top companies like Delloitte and Price Waters House of the USA, he has come to India to promote his business here in his areas of interest. The 14+ years of experience he gained helped him to understand and maintain best-in-class processes and progress through business in a systematic manner. As a promoter and active member of GIS management team (, he travelled across US to deal with several clients that are part of the famous Fortune 500. He is also the promoting Director of Simbha Pharma Pvt Ltd., a Pharmaceutical Company in Nairobi, Kenya and Seven Seas Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad a BSE listed company and Vasudeva Realtors Pvt Ltd.,

His contacts, whether locally or with NRIs give a great edge to him in competition. He a has the capability to coordinate and assemble the NRI teams and he has successfully proven many-a-time that market trends are not what determine the success of Vasudeva in its endeavours. His vast exposure and vision placed M/s. Vasudeva Realtors Pvt Ltd in establishing the western standards to cater to the needs of the prospective NRIs and setting excellent standards required in Housing Segment. He made Vasudeva become a household name for those transitioning back to India with a view to settle down in India.
His knowledge of the pulse of such customers has opened up a new market segment for Vasudeva. He is primarily responsible to start up the company, planning and execution of projects Lilathanjali, Lalitha Bloom Field, Bloomfield Elation Villas & Towers and Bloomfield Ecstasy. He looks after new project launching, architectural planning, project profitability, project scheduling, and expansion plans, dealing with funding.



She is overall in charge of the operations of the company and responsible for day to day management of the organisation. With her strong experience in US working allowed her to implement the western world stands, systems, qualities in India. This helped organization to deliver several projects with top customer satisfaction where the majority of the customers are from IT people from the US. Several features are taken from west to implement in India keeping the background of customers.

Having been in the USA for more than 15 years. She was active member of Global Information Systems Inc, South field, MI, USA, responsible office administration, vendor management, consultant management etc., She was an active member and promoter of Eastern Horizons llc which is in retail petroleum business in Plymouth, Michigan USA. She is involved with ‘Sunaco’ a major brand in USA. With her USA experience, she has performed a key role in day to day affairs of the company to achieve on time, on budget, on quality execution of the projects.

A Dental Doctor by education and one of the main promoters of the Vasudeva Realtors Pvt ltd., her entrepreneurial interests and ambitions have made her travel through a lot of business ventures and meet success in a variety of ways. She is an example of how active and new-age entrepreneurs function to succeed in more than one areas of interest at the same time. In Vasudeva she is leading the team of 100+ and responsible for completing several projects on time, with customer satisfaction. She has successfully completed multiple projects after taking over as head of Vasudeva Realtors Pvt ltd., She handles multiple roles, handling construction, sales, CRM, etc., and adds value as a promoter with varied contacts and plays an important role in the selection of prospective clients and channel partners for Vasudeva’s ventures.

Group Companies Promoted by the Promoters:

Global Information Systems, Southfield, MI, USA
Established in 1996, GIS has been offering IT specialists with the most current state of the art skills that are needed to meet Client’s requirements in their dynamic IT environments. GIS Consultants have had an immaculate record of completing all projects successfully through technical expertise that encompasses a broad range of system Development Skills.

GIS consultants have performed technology services in the form of Outsourcing, Custom Software Development, Staff Augmentation, Project Management, Data Warehousing, Network Administration, Web Development, Business Process Improvement and Reengineering, and Strategic Systems Planning, among other areas. From information strategy plans to custom developed solutions to pre-built templates and packaged solutions, our resources have provided both the business and technical expertise to build new systems and/or make significant enhancements to existing systems.

GIS national and international network of offices across the globe and partners are the key to recruiting qualified IT professionals who help run the IT organizations of our Clients. Our attention to quality, our focus on helping our Clients manage technology and IT costs, is what sets us apart from others. We have greatly improved the productivity of our Customers IT function by eliminating the administrative burden that interferes with their operations. Our Resourcing team of Recruiter(s), Resource Manager(s) and Account Manager(s), have freed up to 40% of a Customers time in all Industry domains that otherwise is associated with employee orientation, motivation, administration, training, benefits, vacation and time off, and recruiting.

Simba Pharmaceuticals Ltd. – Kenya
Involving in importing and ARV’s and bulk drugs from India to Nairobi, with a team based at Nairobi and distribution of the same across Kenya, Simba pharmaceuticals is promoted by Mr. D.V.S Prasad, Mr. P.V.S Rao and Mr. Naresh.

7 Seas Entertainment Ltd
A Public Limited company listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and Ahmadabad Stock Exchange (ASE). 7Seas Entertainment focuses on developing PC, Console, Mobile and free Online games with a team strength of about 100 professional employees. The company develops IT gaming and does product development and distributes among Europe and USA.